Highest Paid Bollywood Singer

Daler Mehndi has just become Bollywood’s highest paid singer. If you haven’t heard of the well-paid performer, you may remember him as five multicolored desert wizards in the internet-popular video, Tunak Tunak Tan.

Daler increased his rates based on his “90% hit ratio” in film music, claiming that his songs become hits regardless of whether the films themselves become hits. The well-paid performer also admits that he’d love for only the biggest of filmmakers to be able to afford his music.

Currently, most Bollywood musicians are making around 25-40 thousand rupees (US $545-873) per song. That’s a far cry from the highest-paid singer in Bollywood, however, whose commands 5 lakhs—that’s 500,000 rupees or US $10,919—per song.

Check out Tunak Tunak Tan, below.

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