Highest Paid Television News Anchor

Anchoring broadcast news isn’t exactly an old profession. The term “news anchor” has only been in use since 1952. It was coined by CBS News producer Don Hewitt to describe Walter Cronkite’s role in the National Conventions. Traditionally, unlike other news presenters, anchors are television personalities capable of improvising live commentary for breaking news events although the term has more recently been expanded to include all broadcast news presenters. Like any celebrities, anchormen and anchorwomen can rake in vast sums of cash. Currently, the highest paid news anchor is CBS News’ Katie Couric.

Highest Paid News Anchor - Katie Couric
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A University of Virginia graduate with a degree in American Studies, Couric got her start as a desk assistant at ABC News. Her career received a major boost when she joined Today in 1990 as national correspondent, becoming substitute, and eventually permanent, co-anchor over the next two years. Her Confronting Colon Cancer series won her a Peabody Award, just one of many awards she’s won throughout the course of her broadcast career.

In 2006, 15 years to the day since she became permanent co-anchor on Today, she announced her move from NBC to CBS News. This move, along with strife between the WGA and CBS, has led to the likelihood of Couric being the only major news anchor not to moderate a single debate in the 2008 election cycle due to the Democratic National Committee’s cancellation of the scheduled Dec 10th debate.

The highest paid anchorwoman makes approximately $15 million a year. She can be seen nightly on CBS Evening News.

Highest Paid College Football Coach

The accelerating popularity of college football in the past decade has made successful college football coaches an expensive commodity. As a college football program can in fact be one of the most lucrative sources of income for a university, highly paid coaches can be a better investment and be rewarded with a large salary often bigger than even their most successful NFL counterparts. Though the highest paid NFL head coaches generally make in the realm of 1 to 2 million dollars a year, the highest paid college football coaches make over 3 million dollars annually. In fact, as of November 2006, 41 collegiate football head coaches had salaries of more than a million dollars per year.

Who is the highest paid college football coach with the largest salary? Oklahoma University’s Bob Stoops is the highest paid college coach pulling in with reports estimating his salary at 3.45 million dollars annually.

Stoops began his tenure at the reigns of the storied Oklahoma football program when he was hired as head coach in 1999. Previously, he had lent his knowledge of defense to Steve Spurrier’s program at the University of Florida, where his impact was immediately felt- Florida won the national championship in 1996, Stoops’ first year as defensive coordinator. In 2000, Stoops proved again that he could produce results with haste, coaching the Oklahoma Sooners to their seventh overall national championship and their first since 1985. The highest paid college football coach has led Oklahoma to an 86-18 record in his tenure, the best record of any BCS affiliated school since 1999.

The reasons for the university’s willingness to pay such an exorbitant contract relate mainly to the history of the program and the respect that Sooners football commands in the football world. Oklahoma University was founded in 1890, and the Sooners played their first game in 1895, 12 years before Oklahoma had even achieved statehood. The Sooners have captured the championship title in six different conferences since 1915, including four Big 12 championships under Stoops. Though rumors have been swirling for years about Stoops’ imminent defection to the NFL, his reasons for staying put at the University of Oklahoma are obvious. Not only does the entire coaching world marvel at his win-loss record, they’re green with envy over his status as the highest paid college football coach.

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